here is a picture (crappy) of my new wrist/arm bars. the picture was taken with my cell phone about 5 minutes after completion, thats why it looks reddish & bruised.

click image above to open image- rez is 640×480

piercings done by dom @ starlight in bellvile nj

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  1. I could imagine you at a airport passing through the metal detector. Lol

  2. it really does look very bruised. how are they now??? mine is doing well however i only have one. P.s. i read the first comment and its not dumb it is very unique and impressive. ~krystle

  3. i have one on my wrist abd its still pink wat did you put on it to heal? by the way its not infected or anything its just red.

    • natural sea salt and water did the trick for me to help it heal quicker

  4. Why in the hell would you do this? This would hurt like hell, some of the stupid stuff people do now a days.

  5. Why the hell would you wanna do that? that is the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen!