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so for my day to day usage i carry an ipod classic which has rockbox installed thanks to the work from the guys at freemyipod.

I wanted a simple theme that just gave me the basic information that i wanted without graphics or anything else in a simple green terminal style.

so i created this:

click to enlarge

here is the while playing screen config (.rockbox/wps/poa_nyc.wps):

%ac%?ia<Artist: %ia|%s%fn>
%ac%?it<Track: %it|>
%ac%?id<Album: %id|no ID3 tag available>

%al%pc %ac%px%% %ar%pt
%ac%t(2.0)%?Ia<%sNext Artist: %Ia|%sNext File: %Fn>;%ac%t(2.0)%?It<%sNext Track: %It|%sNext File: %Fn>

%alMode: %?mp<Stopped|Playing|Paused|Ffwd|Rew|Rec|Rec pause|FM|FM pause> %arVol: %pv 
%alFormat %fc %fb                   %arBatt: %bl%%
%alPlaylist Position: %pp/%pe       %arRepeat Mode: %?mm<Off|All|One|Shuffle|A-B>
%aL%cH:%cM:%cS - %cm/%cd/%cy        %arCrossfade: %xf

%sThis theme %(poa_nyc%) made by http://www.pissedoffadmins.com to emulate an old school terminal
%ac%?if(%pv, >=, 0)<Warning.. volume clipping|:-P>

all the tags can be reviewed here.

here is the styling stuff (.rockbox/themes/poa_nyc.cfg):

selector type: bar (inverse)
statusbar: off
foreground color: 00FF00
background color: 000000
line selector start color: FFFFFF
line selector end color: B6C5E4
line selector text color: 000000
font: /.rockbox/fonts/15-Adobe-Helvetica.fnt
wps: /.rockbox/wps/poa_nyc.wps

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