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68th annual pissedoffadmins.com firesale and chutney cyberspace bbq

anouncing the second 68th annual pissedoffadmins firesale.

after the non-success of last years, i figured lets do it again.
but this time, lets run it the whole month of june.

some of the items up for grab this year are:

thinkpad t42p with tons of stickers (working and decked out)
alinco radio (working)
ramsey electronics frequency counter (working with charger)
possibly the MVME from previous posts (working)
an old and working civil defense geiger counter
possibly a series one oqo running linux (working and decked out)
a ps2 with a bunch of games (working)
old sony 17" monitor (working)
possibly nonworking sgi1600sw
...and so much more!!!

****this list will be updated frequently****
email me for specs and prices

here is the catch:
i am not shipping any of these items.
if you want them you arrange with me to pick them up.
arrangements will include some awesome non-exisstant chutney and you get 5 minutes to party with yasser the goat (yes, a party goat)


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