***** FIRE SALE *****

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i am selling some gear to make room for all new gear and projects for the new year. here is a list of some stuff, if interested, email me.

all this will be put on ebay in a week or two.

ipaq 3850 (familiar linux) working
ipaq 3765 (familiar linux) working
ipaq dual pcmcia sleeve / battery combo (216198-821)
ipaq single pcmcia sleeve / battery combo (176315-001)
hp jornada 720 with serial cable working
cobalt qube 2 (without power supply) working
linksys nslu2 working
sony evi-d30 camera working
ati radeon x1600 pro (hdmi) working
albatron widio wireless audio transmitter / receiver working
misc scsi hd’s and sun enclosures
sun blade 100 (pulled drives) working
rackables rackmount dual xeon server
audio technica atw-r73 uhf synthesized diversity receiver working
audio technica atw-t75 transmitter (with lapel mic attachment) working
sony (tube) 21″ crt

more stuff to be added later. email me if interested or if you have a question.


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