simple system stats script for graphite

so i wrote a little script for dumping some stats to a graphite server. script is located here. all you have to do to get this working: ensure nc is installed ensure vmstat is installed change gserver and gport to matching graphite server and port and cron this to run every minute or so. it … Read More

ssh fingerprint verification

this article assumes that you have recently become paranoid accessing a server and are assuming that someone has sent you an erroneous / malicious key for MITM or some other weird purpose. this article also assumes that you have access to the other box already to do key verification. so you go to ssh into … Read More

gentoo spotify from deb file

this is how i got spotify to work on my install of gentoo. YMMV. grab a copy of the deb from here. just make sure to grab one for your respective build (x86 or amd64). at the time of writing, spotify-client_0.9.1.55.gbdd3b79.203-1_amd64.deb was the version available. now lets uncompress the file : ar x file.deb which … Read More

dreamhost dns updater from bash

so a couple of weeks ago i decided to write a dreamhost dns updater even though ttl is 4 hours. This script uses your dreamhost api key (assuming it has dns access), to either check, delete, list, or update your ip address for a given record in dreamhost. Makes dynamic dns possible with dreamhost except … Read More

rfc-reader from command line

so a couple of weeks ago i decided to write an rfc-reader that is usable from the command line. Here it is. you can search for a bcp, fyi, ien, std, and an rfc. then when you select one to read, a formatted term will pop up with it open. i know there are hundreds … Read More

some gentoo lovin’ (screenshots)

nothing in this post of any relevant value other than to show genoo running both spotify and steam. steam: click image to enlarge spotify: click image to enlarge love me some gentoo….

knife, rackspace, & fog

so after some initial struggling with the wonderful fog and specific versions of it to get chef rackspace tools working properly, i hit another bit of weirdness: % knife rackspace server create -f6 -I -r ‘role[base]’ -E <env> -S -N -VV –rackspace-version v2 DEBUG: version v2 DEBUG: version v2 DEBUG: rackspace_api_key xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx DEBUG: rackspace_username DEBUG: … Read More

postfix in gentoo using gmail as relay without certs

As the title implies, this article is a bit gentoo centric, but that is only for packages and USE flags. It can be applied to other distros if you can grab the appropriate packages (pretty straight forward). This article is also not using certs, i will write another article to deal with that at a … Read More

mutt with sidebar

so i was trying to install the patched version of mutt with sidebar from source on my gentoo box when i realized that there is a use flage (sidebar) which will do all the work for me. eix mutt: [I] mail-client/mutt Available versions: 1.5.21-r1 (~)1.5.21-r11 (~)1.5.21-r12 {berkdb crypt debug doc gdbm gnutls gpg idn imap … Read More

vagrant & veewee in gentoo part one

This article is part one for installing vagrant & veewee (using virtualbox) on a gentoo workstation. What makes this cool, is that now you can build a vm through vagrant for remote (headless) usage in an ssh session, and it allows you to create a build of a stock machine quickly once you have an … Read More