updated vim screenshot with some explanations part one

howdy all i have been away from a while battling dragons and you know…. that whole work thing. one question that i do keep getting on pissedoffadmins is about the vim screenshot and the rc file that i use. in this article i am going to explain some of the real big things in my … Read More

motd script

so after surfing around and stumbling across this site and realizing that i have a boring motd screen, i decided to convert (mostly) what they did at mewbies over to bash. its here here is a screen shot: click to enlarge

vim screenshot

just felt like posting a screenshot of my term while in vim. enjoy click to enlarge EDIT 20141126 as per Alex : here are the plugins i use. here is a copy of my vimrc.

nethack server autobuild script

so after many years of playing me some sweet nethack, i decided to put together an auto-create script that will build a working nethack server on ubuntu (testing centos && gentoo) using dgamelaunch and nh343-nao. parts of this script were taken from all over the internet. when this script is run it will have it … Read More

multiple programs reading a single stream

So i had to grep multiple patterns into their own files from one stream and had forgotten about this and was trying to do this with awk & sed (which got very ugly really fast). instead, we just need tee, grep, and bash extensions. example: tee <srv1_20140912.log >(grep “access” >20140912_access.txt) >(grep “fail” >20140912_fail.txt) lets clean … Read More

Vim plugins that i use

so for the few of you that have seen my vim setup, here is a list of some of the plugins i use and a link to my vimrc file for all to use. Plugins: Vundle: or vim bundle which is a plugin manager Rainbow parenthesis: Highlight matching parens in a rainbow of colors Syntastic: … Read More

Magic SysRq keys on a laptop

So a couple of minutes ago i had a massive lock up on my laptop and realized i could not get the Magic SysRq (see here) combination to work. lets first make sure that your kernel is configured for this : cat /proc/sys/kernel/sysrq should equal “1” after some testing, here are the simple steps to … Read More

making a multiboot flash drive with grub2

this article is gentoo centric but can be done with most other distro’s pretty easily. i did this with a 4gb flash disk, but size is not an issue depending on what you plan on putting on there. First things first, lets make sure you have all the needed tools: emerge sys-fs/dosfstools which can be … Read More

response time script

after having to work with apache bench and gnuplot to put my numbers together and some furious searching, i decided to put together a script that eases ab & gnuplot a bit. that script is located here. it will give you graphs like this : Click to enlarge good stuffs.

samsung s4 gt-i9500

so i recently got my hands on the samsung s4 gt-i9500 (exynos octa) and i must say… it is fucking annoying. not that the phone itself is bad or that i hate samsung, on the contrary i love samsung phones. its the fact that this phone never hit a mass audience that is annoying, which … Read More